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COVID-19 Updates

Letter from Knothole Baseball President - March 17.2020

March 17, 2020
Coaches, Parents and Players,
First and foremost, on behalf of the Knothole Baseball Board of Directors, we hope everyone is healthy and
safe as we all work together to help our communities slow the spread of the coronavirus. These are uncharted
waters for most of us. Please be assured, Knothole Baseball’s top priority is the health and safety of our
players, families and communities. Our goal for the upcoming season is to provide our children the
opportunity to play baseball in a healthy and safe environment. For us to do this we will need to rely on the
direction given by our public health authorities and Federal and State government professionals. We will
follow closely what the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA), Kentucky High School Athletic
Association (KHSAA), and Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) are doing with their upcoming
seasons. We are going to attempt to provide some guidelines, but since the current situation is rapidly
changing these guidelines are “subject to change”.
Based on recent mandates by government officials, Knothole Baseball is postponing their Opening Day to
April 18th, 2020. In anticipation of opening day occurring on April 18th, 2020, practices may begin April 6,
2020. All post-season tournament dates remain unchanged. We ask everyone as well to understand and
consider changes within local communities and their facilities. Several communities have started closing their
ball parks and other facilities to do their part in helping slow the spread of the coronavirus. Again, these dates
can change based on updated mandates.
Knothole Baseball has been in existence since 1932. This means it has survived other worldwide and national
challenges. We will survive this one too! Again, Knothole Baseball is committed to doing everything possible
to make the 2020 season happen under a healthy and safe playing environment.
We will continue to communicate with everyone as this situation evolves (hopefully for the good). Thank you
for your patience, understanding and support of the Knothole Baseball community. Please stay healthy and
most of all, take care of each other. We look forward to seeing everyone on the baseball fields in the future.
Thank you,

Jeff Wiles
President, Knothole Baseball, Inc.
Executive Supervisor, Knothole Baseball - District 5
Board Member, Knothole Baseball - North Region
(513) 259-8020

Knothole Baseball – Kids playing the greatest game since 1932!




March 17.2020 COVID-19 Update


Below are all the updates I have.  Please know, we are during our best to answer everything and keep everyone as updated as possible.  With that being said, please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions on something we may have missed as we are all navigating this new territory together.


GREATER CINCINNATI KNOTHOLE (highlights from last night's meeting)

- We have full intentions to play baseball this season, but plan to proceed in the safest manner possible.

- The start of the season will be pushed back to 4/18/20 (2 weeks) dependent upon any further developments.

- It has been the suggestion that all team practices be suspended until 4/6/20. It’s a suggestion. If any coach does choose to hold any practices, we can’t stress enough to be smart about what you’re doing. Even though you may think you’re keeping safe distances, you’re still sharing a baseball. That being said, I would suggest suspending “team” practices until 4/6/20 and stress to your families to get outside and toss the baseball around.

- The mandatory All Area Managers Meeting normally held at the high school immediately prior to season start will be scheduled at a later date. As soon as that date and location has been set, we will forward that information out to everyone.


SWOL Teams

I am not sure the status of your situation.  Honestly, you coaches probably know more than I do.  Please apprise me of any information you have about game status for all your games (especially the very near ones) you have scheduled already so I know what to do about umpires.



In lieu of the current circumstances, we are cancelling umpiring training for now and will set a new date based on a definitive start to the season.  I will keep everyone posted as information becomes available.



Please continue to send me info if you are in the process of sizing your child for 6u, 7u and 8u.  As stated above, we are still planning to have the season so I don't want to get behind on this.


We appreciate everyone’s patience with this ongoing situation, but please know that we, LMYB, are committed to doing whatever it takes to get these players playing baseball as soon as possible and as SAFE as possible.


Kim Smith



March 15.2020 COVID-19 Update


I just wanted to touch base with everyone to let you all know what is happening on our end.  


Greater Cincinnati Knothole will be meeting on Monday to make a decision on their course of action for the beginning of the Knothole season.

SWOL has chosen the route of taking a vote from teams by age group.


At this time, we are leaving it up to the coaches whether or not they wish to hold practices and the indivual families whether or not they choose to have their player attend.  Everyone at the administrative and coaching levels will understand completely if you choose not to have your child participate in practices at this time.  With that being said, I want to let everyone know that Hamilton Township will not be opening the public restrooms at Testerman Park until April 6. So know there are no restrooms there at all at the present time if you will be practicing.


Teams that still need to be sized will be receiving an email today with instructions and directions on that process.  


We will reach out again as soon as we know the decisions made on the leagues we are associated with.  Thanks for your patience and understanding during this time.


Kim Smith




March 13, 2020 LMYB Statement:


The COVID-19 situation continues to evolve quickly.  The protection of the health of our players, parents, spectators and umpires is the most important thing right now. 


At this time, Greater Cincinnati Knothole and South West Ohio League (SWOL) have not made any changes to their seasons.  I am anticipating a push back to the start date but as of now, they have no plans to cancel their seasons.


This is youth baseball and it is for fun.  Practices will most likely continue, but do what you feel comfortable with.  If you choose to keep your player home, that is your right and no one will question that.  I only ask that you stay in contact with your coach and let him or her know that your player will not be there.



Practices are your call.  Please stay in communication with your teams and parents and exercise patience and understanding with questions, concerns and missed practices.  We are not technically a part of the LMSD and therefore their ban of all sports doesn't apply to us.  We have our own fields and they are open.


Please note that again, as of now BASEBALL IS STILL ON.  With that being said, registration fees are non-refundable and unless Greater Cincinnati Knothole and/or SWOL decides to cancel their seasons, we will not be issuing refunds.


We will keep you posted to any updates or changes as we receive them from both leagues. As well as updates from the Ohio Department of Health and Governor Dewine as it pertains to our organization.


Please feel free to reach out to myself or any of the board members regarding any concerns you may have and we will reassess this situation as we receive pertinent updates. 


Thank you all for your patience and understanding through all this.  I whole heartedly believe that all the measures the authorities are taking are for precautionary purposes and that this to shall pass!  We will continue to stay in touch with everyone.



Kim Smith



by posted 03/15/2020
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